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First Weare Brownies meet at Weare School on a Thursday evening. Brownies starts at 6.15 and ends at 7.45.  To start brownies you have to be 7 and you leave just after your tenth birthday then you can move on to guides or scouts.

Brownies is great fun you sing songs and play lots of games. At the end of term we occasionally go on little trips out. Also we go on camps and brownie holidays by going to these camps you earn badges that you sew on to your brownie sash. Another way of earning badges is you can look through your brownie badge book.  In that book you can find badges to do at home such as the cooks, artist, riding and swimming.

Our leader brown owl and her helpers plan lots of other fun things to do like crafts. But occasionally the four sixers get together and plan a special sixers evening. These are usually parties with a theme. They include crafts according to the theme and dressing up with a fashion show to decide who has the best costume -  who ever has receives a prize.


Lots more has been going on at brownies recently one really exciting thing that happened was that most of the brownies went on brownie holiday and received this badge
The holiday was a great success.
Where did they go? The brownies went to Puddletown it was a lovely location with lots of amusements like Monkey world around. Also one of Brown Owls friends came and cooked all the holiday so a big thank you to her. The brownie holiday theme was Jungle Book so all the leaders had a new name . The name would be one of the main characters from the jungle book for example
BROWN OWL was MOWGLI and all the others had names similar to BALOO, SHERE KHAN and KING LOUIS. To make it more like the jungle for the brownies the sixes had names Monkeys, elephants and Bears. On the holiday they went on a number of trips like walks around the village, games in the schools play ground and best of all a trip to monkey world.

Soon lots more events will be happening like games and crafts for Christmas and other fun activities for the girls!

From Katie.H

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