1st Weare Guides

First Weare Guides meet at Weare School on Monday evenings from 6.30 - 8pm.  The joining age is 10, guides stay with the unit for four years, achieving yearly challenge badges - the older guides are encouraged to achieve their Baden Powell Challenge Badge before going on to Rangers.

All Guides whatever age work together in small groups and are enouraged to think for themselves and make their own decisions.  They have a balanced and varied programme, caring for the individual and share a commitment to a common standard.

Within this framework the girls are given opportunities to have fun, learn new skills, interact with others, and undertake exciting and challenging activities.

"I'm new at Guides and I think it is great!  I have fun meeting new people and making friends.  Everybody is really nice and it's impossible to feel lonely because there is always someone to go and talk to.  We do loads of different activities, like go-karting, canoeing and we get to go to a music conert called the 'Big Gig' which is a 'guides only' event.  I think Guides is a great place to learn new things and just have fun."                          Rebekah

"We get to meet new people in the Community.  So we get the chance to meet and make new friends.  We get the chance to go go-karting and we invite mum to guides for pampering events.  Even new guides get the chance to do these 'cool' things!!!  At guides everyone has fun -even our leaders do ...  Everyone gets a go at everything and the results are always positive."           Jona

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