1st Weare Brownies

Age: 7-10 years
Meeting place: Weare School hall
Time: 6.15pm – 7.45pm
Day: Thursdays, term time only
1st Weare Brownies is a full thriving pack with 24 girls currently enjoying a varied programme of activities, crafts, games, badges and lots more!  Recently we have taken part in our own Brownie Olympics, Mexican theme evening and treasure hunts as well as working towards and gaining Entertaintment, Number Fun, OUt and About and a variety of other interest badges.  The Brownies take part in activities with other groups during the year and get the chance to meet the other Brownies in the district at a number of events, for example a Masquerade Ball for the district Brownie Revels at Wedmore.  We will be launching into a year of festivities from September 2009 as Girl Guiding UK celbrates its centenary with trips, activities and county events.
1st Weare Brownies are in the fortunate position of having a full pack of 24 girls and an extensive waiting list, several of whom are 7 and ready to start as soon as a space becomes available.  If you would like your daughter to attend Brownies once she is 7, we wuld recommend putting her name down on the waiting list as soon as possible (however young); please do not wait until she is 6-7 years old.  Due to the long list we allocate spaces to those who have been on the list longest and occasionally this does mean that a gril is not able to start until she is 8 or older.  If you would like add your daughter to the list please contact me and hopefully we will be able to get her in to join in our fun soon after turning 7!
Weare Brownies Leaders :
Juliet Dormer          01934 741875   julietdormer@hotmail.co.uk
Lucy Halford            01934 732032    lucyleprev@hotmail.com
Naomi Hansford
Guiding Units in the Axbridge District are always on the look out for more adult help.  If you are interested in helping regularly or just every now and then in any way, please do contact us.  This is the case for all age groups - Rainbows (5-7), Brownies (7-10) and Guides (10-14).  We really appreciate all the support we receive from parents/helpers and this can come in all forms - helping test badges, or at a meeting if we are short of an adult, transporting girls to a different venue for a meeting, or more specialist things such as helping keep unit accounts.  This all helps us to run the units more smoothly around our own busy lives!  If you are interested, please contact Juliet Dormer or Annette Bowle (10278 787189), Axbridge District Commissioner.

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