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Monthly Coffee Morning - Coffee and cakes on the last Friday of each month in the Church Rooms.  All are welcome.  From 10 am.    Friday Calories don't count - right??


Monthly Pop up pub

First Friday of the month in The Church Rooms, Weare.  All welcome.  



Coffee Morning

at Cross Hall 

on Wednesday Oct. 13th at 10.30am

Proceeds towards insurance for the Car Scheme giving lifts for medical purposes




Somerset County Council Adopt a Path scheme

With seasonal growth now appearing on paths across Somerset, volunteers are invited to help protect and maintain the country's public rights of way. Anyone can help get involved when they are out and about on their favourite Public Footpaths, Bridleways, Restricted Byways and Byways Open to All Traffic (BOATs). Find out more

Help our hedgehogs

There has been a lot of publicity about the plight of hedgehogs. This decline in one of the country’s favourite animals is thought to be largely due to loss of habitat. This is particularly so in our over-tidy gardens and Warwickshire Wildlife Trust suggests the following simple measures to help this mammal that is truly ‘the gardener’s friend’.

  • Make sure hedgehogs can get into next door’s garden. They need to travel to forage for food and to meet other hedgehogs. If you have a wooden fence cut a small hole near the base, the size of a music CD is an ideal size.
  • Consider leaving a patch of your garden to go wild: long grass with a fallen log or two close to your hedge is ideal hedgehog territory.
  • Build a pile of sticks or offcuts of timber and twigs then cover with leaves in a quiet part of your garden - under a thick hedge or behind the shed is ideal.  This will provide somewhere for them to shelter and maybe build a nest. It can also provide a place for winter hibernation. Hedgehog houses can be purchased for this purpose. There are websites that give instructions on how to build your own hedgehog hideaway, from simple ones needing only an old crate or box and plastic covering to a solid wood construction that will last many seasons.

For more information, see and

Sadly many hedgehogs die as a result of strimming, try to leave a wild area for them under your hedge.


Overhanging Hedges

The Parish Council regularly gets complaints regarding hedges and shrubs overhanging the road and pavements. This often narrows the road by two to three feet, causing problems for pedestrians and traffic. The Council asks you to please look at your boundary hedges and, if necessary, cut them back beyond the road or pavement edge. 






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