Village Field

In 2007, an agreement was signed with Somerset County Council that the village would take over the maintenance of a field in The Coombe. The field contains a number of rare wild plants, and the bank is covered in primroses in the spring. A water supply was provided, and new gates fitted, to allow planned grazing and cutting. Villagers got together to clear brambles and scrub which had become overgrown because the field had not been grazed for some time.

Extracts from the Field Report by the County Surveyor give details of the flora and fauna to be found in the field (now with identifying photographs).

At present there is no maintenance team. All queries to the Parish Clerk.


Village Picnic 2011
A select few gathered for a picnic on Men's Finals Day. Murray had been knocked out so no nerves there; and the weather was excellent, for a change.  Thanks to the guys who cut a section of the field around the bench.

    Click on the Bench to see photos of the 2009 Village Picnic.

Spring 2009 Working Party 
Click here to see photos.  The display of primroses, oxlips, and violets is wonderful - see if you can spot any other wild flowers.

Click on the links below to see photographs of previous years.

              field in spring                                 field clearance 08

                Click here to see photos of                                             Spring 2008
                  the field in Spring 2007
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